WHD Solutions’ Rates

Payments & Rates.

We do ask clients to have an automated payment set up with their bank for ongoing payments – Please contact us for our bank details.

All new work requires a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% on completion (in most cases) – Projects totalling £1500 and over will be paid in 3 equal monthly (or as near as) instalments.

All credit card or debit card payment are fulfilled using PayPal and will incur a 3.75% charge.

Please contact us for our bank details.

Rate TypeAmount Per Hour
Normal Rate£49.00
Emergency / Out of Hours Rate*£79.00
Weekend Rate**£95.00

*All work undertaken after 6:30 pm. **Also includes Bank Holidays and special holidays.

Retainer Rates (min 6 month)

Hours Per MonthSaving£ Per Month

If you require us on retainer for a different amount of hours per month, please contact us to discuss.

Terms & Conditions

Artwork, Website Approval and Print.

Although WHD take great care in producing designs and artwork, we would request that you carefully double check all the details and information before we/you send anything off to print. If the artwork is correct and you are happy for it to proceed to print press / email sends / going live in general – then please email back your approval.

Please note: The last check by the client before print / email send / go-live, WHD Solutions cannot be held responsible or incur any liability for errors beyond this stage. It is solely the clients responsibility to sign-off all work before the final stage – no exceptions.

If you need to make any final amends then please email or phone us to let WHD know, and we will resend the artwork for approval.

As all print is undertaken by third-parties, this cost must be paid for up-front.

Late Payment Fees.

Interest will now be added to the outstanding balance after 30 days late.

The ‘reference rate’ of the Bank of England is 0.75%, then the total interest is 8.75% (reference rate + 8%).

To calculate interest on the late payments – typical example:

  • £1,425.00 x 8.75% = £124.69 (the interest to be paid in a year)
  • £124.69 / 365 = 34.2p (the daily interest)
  • 34.2p  x 30 days = £10.26 (the interest owed to date on 30 days)

WHD Solutions are in no way liable for any loss of business (of the client or their business) during suspension of services.

WHD Solutions own all material until the project is paid for in full, only then does the client own the project material.


All hosting packages are paid for on a monthly basis (unless otherwise agreed by both parties).

If payments are not made on hosting accounts when they are due, we will contact you with numerous attempts.

Failure of payment on 3 months hosting will result in your website being placed on hold.

On failure to pay hosting as and when it’s due, this will incur a forfeit of suspension and a fee of £49 for reinstatement.

As web-hosting is a 3rd-party service offered by www.20i.com, WHD Solutions have no control over their physical servers, only the files that reside on those servers.

Outage (including server down-time) by www.20i.com cannot be laid to blame with WHD Solutions and (therefore) WHD Solutions shall not be liable for any business or financial loss due to any outage (including server down-time) through any service(s) including websites, databases, emails or any other service that is offered from 20i.

WHD Solutions are simply a re-seller of www.20i.com Services and only offer services outlined from www.20i.com.

If for any reason you wish to move your hosting away from us, we can back up your site and database and send this to you. There is a termination fee of £49.00 which must be paid before we hand over the files and database.

Website upkeep.

The upkeep of your website is the responsibility of the Client.

We do ask you keep all your plug-ins and core WordPress files up to date to help avoid the possibility of vulnerabilities and hacks.

If a site is compromised and the above has not been carried out, we will use a back-up to replace the compromised files of the original site.

The fee for a ‘unhack’ is charged hourly at £49 per hour – a typical unhack is £250, but may be more or less, depending on the level it was compromised.

This fee is not payable if you are on our Premium Security Package (PSP) and one of your twelve most recent backups will be used to unhack the compromised files.


We also put a link to our site from yours in the footer, the removal of this link is chargeable. The fee is £109. If we find the link has been removed by a third party, the fee is still applicable.

Premium Security Package (PSP).

Regarding backup of files and databases; we offer a service were WHD will (on a monthly basis) check your site, update accordingly and back up your website and associated databases, this service is called our ULTIMATE Security Package (UMP) and carries a fee  of £35 per month.

We also audit your plugins, premium forms, site loading speed and WordPress core files to make sure all is working as it should. Please contact us for more details or refer to the Website Security Package page.

Use of design.

We reserve the right to use any design we create for WHD’s promotional purposes.

Payment Terms.

All new work requires a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% on completion and if the deposit could be paid into the following account, we can commence – Deposits are non-refundable.