Lock down your site to deter Hackers!

Lock down your site to deter Hackers!

If you have ever had your website attacked by hackers, you will know the pain and stress that this causes not just you, but your business and essentially your bottom-line.

Here at WHD Solutions we have carefully crafted 3 Website Maintenance Packages that better protect you from such events.


    There are 3 Website Maintenance Packages to choose from:

    • Standard – Which only makes sure you have up to date plugins and WordPress Core Files. Updated when updates are available or monthly (whichever is sooner).
    • Premium – All of the above plus our Premium Form System, a backup of all the website files and any associated databases, check all Premium Form Systems are working correctly and a monthly Page Load Speed check and fixes if necessary.
    • Ultimate – All of the above plus HTTPS using SSL.

    Why Website Maintenance?

    • Basic security – hackers will attack the easiest areas first; outdated plug-ins and WordPress core files are a common starting point
    • Compatibility check – ensure plug-ins are cross-compatible before updating
    • Peace of mind – always ongoing in the background so you can just run your business