Multiverse VR – Virtual Reality Park

Virtual Reality

Multiverse VR is a brand new complex opening in the heart of Preston in Lancashire.

We were approached by Multiverse VR by being in the right place at the right time, and being a little forward in our approach… It works sometimes!

Our clients’ idea was to bring the highest technology of Virtual Reality to the masses.

You can experience 30 different games ranging from racing a track car in Project Cars through to shooting cardboard cutout zombies in Zombie Training Simulator…

I know I will definitely be making a visit here as Virtual reality (although in its infancy) is absolutely amazing!

The park is split into 3 zones:

The Grid – A digital frontier: Strap in and gear up as you venture into a multitude of worlds. Race a Grand Prix, battle robot overlords, scream through a roller-coaster and much more.

Immersia – Transport through the Multiverse to Immersia, a digital world teeming with action and adventure: Utilise the latest in VR technology as you venture through the cosmos, battle un-dead hordes, wage war or simply pop to the arcades. The sky is the limit, but Immersia is limitless

Mainframe – Enter a new dimension of VR gaming: Enter a new dimension of VR gaming with the Mainframe. Creep around a haunted house, battle it out in the underground, wage the snowball fight of the century and skulk through ancient dungeons.