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Copy Writing Services

“Why would I ever need copywriting.. I can write perfectly well myself thank you very much!”

Perhaps the term ‘copywriting’ is to blame… it’s not all about spelling and grammar… copy creator’ would be more appropriate, since that is where the hard work is really done:

Before writing the copy…

  • Define the need and desired outcome
  • Analyse the competition (if required to stand out)
  • Assign keywords and SEO (online copy)
  • Choose the appropriate tone and format for the copywriting
  • Plan how the copy will be distributed and reused

Then, and only then, should the 1st Draft be produced. If the copywriter has done his / her job well, you should have a clear logical plan from which the copy should flow easily.

Copy Writing

The Benefits of using a Copy Writer

  • Comprehensive Audit trail – allows drafts/future projects to be quickly amended 
  • Project-managed by experienced sales writer 
  • Long-standing relationship with WHD for web/graphic design work

And finally, edit… you must edit to ensure your copy does exactly what it is supposed to do – too often, the 1st Draft is deemed ‘alright’ or ‘good enough’ because the person writing it has run out of steam.

As no lesser person than Ernest Hemingway once said: “Write drunk, edit sober” – that sums it up all for me! 

Nobleword offer

For all online projects with WHD, I offer a free 30- minute analysis – that’s a written document for you to keep… it’s not code for keeping you on the phone for 30 minutes whilst I pitch to you!  So, what have you got to lose? 

Email me at mattnoble@nobleword.co.uk or call me on 07500 531485.