The 3 Peaks Challenge – Graphic Design

Our client asked WHD Solutions to create a poster/flyer, to advertise our flagship event ‘The 3 Peaks Challenge’.

The 3 peaks challenge is an attempt to climb the UK’s 3 highest peaks, Ben Nevis in Scotland (1,344m), Scarfell Pike in England (979m), and Snowdonia in Wales (1,085m). All within 24hrs.

The sort of image our client had in my mind was of people standing in the foreground looking towards the 3 peaks in the distance. The middle ground could be quite abstract. Or a worded banner for the challenge if this does not effect the flow of the image to much. but I would like you please to use your creativity to work the best image.

The snow cap of each mountain could maybe have the national flag of each peak on it. i.e England, Wales, and Scotland. Or/and the height of each mountain running up it?!

Our client wanted the flyer to be double sided with the front really focusing on the challenge, adventure and fun of the trip. With the back focusing more on the details.

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